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Investing With R.O.I Solutions 4 U

Investing With R.O.I Solutions 4 U

R.O.I Solutions 4 U, LLC is a professional real estate investment company dedicated to producing quality housing products in highly desirable areas of Houston and North Carolina while providing exciting, low risk investment opportunities with above average yields for our investor partners.

 Real Estate Investing With R.O.I Solutions 4 U

Company Goals 

Create value through “out of the box” creative approach to real estate transactions

- Provide secure investment vehicles for Investors

- To buy under-utilized residential property for new construction and undervalued homes for renovation.

How Do We Source Potential Projects and Determine Value?

- Targeted marketing and networking with established industry relationships

- Continuous Investments, Industry Knowledge and Market Research

- We determine value by researching the target area, evaluating data such as comparable sales, rehab or build cost, potential hold time and days on market

Competitive Advantage

- Aggressiveness in SPEED of IMPLEMENTATION to purchase properties

- Ability to expand client base through KNOWLEDGE of deal structuring and advanced real estate techniques

- Our company focus is on providing SOLUTIONS for our investors, not simply buying, building, rehabbing and selling properties.

- Our top-notch industry team which includes seasoned professionals from all aspects of the industry, from acquisitions managers to marketing experts, from architects and engineers to experienced builders and in house contractors, from realtors to title companies, our team provides a systemized approach to our projects which in turn makes for a safe avenue for real-estate investment that is smooth and seamless


How Do Private Lender Programs Work?

1) We locate a property we want to buy, rehab or build

2) We borrow from investors to purchase the property or use funds for bank requirements

3) We have a formal closing and you get a mortgage note on the home with other important documents

4) We form Joint Ventures to best secure and maximize the earning potential of both parties

5) We use and follow a strict “Cash on Cash” mentality of investing

You are the BANK you cash in on the interest and Profits!

What is a Private Loan?

It is a loan made to a real estate investor that is secured by real estate and security documents. We are not discussing the high Loan-To-Value (LTV) ratios the banks and savings and loan institutions make on homes. We offer very low LTV ratios to our Private Lenders to increase security on the loan. Our standard LTV ratios are under 75% for New Construction and 70%-75% for Rehabs and frequently as low as 60% to 68%, sometimes even less. This means additional security for the investment.

For example, if a property is valued at $100,000, our Private Lender will never have to loan more than $75,000 dollars on the property. That is 75% LTV ratio for New Construction and 70%-75% for Rehabs. This is obviously a much safer approach than what is taken by conventional lenders. The banks get into trouble because they make loans at 85%, 90%, or even 100% loan-to-value ratio. This leaves them with no equity for transfer costs if they are ever forced into a position where they must take back the collateral property.

The investor will never be asked to lend more than 70%-75% LTV. This protective practice is put in place to minimize risk and maximize returns and help mitigate any unforeseen issues that may arise in real-estate construction and renovations. Therefore, the loan should never be made without a 25%-30% safety net in place.

We do not violate this rule, because everyone’s security is at stake

Who Borrows at High Rates and Why?

Investors like us do, because we have learned in our business that it is not the cost of money that matters, but quick access to the funds so we can capitalize on opportunities. Our company can acquire good deals on properties because we can act with lightning speed and can close with cash. Private loans give us this competitive advantage over other investors who take weeks to go through the bank approval process to purchase properties. Additionally, if a real estate investor locates a good deal on a property, many times the bank will only loan on the purchase price not the value of the house, thus penalizing the investor for finding a great deal. Having access to money is generally a deciding factor in investing in real estate, so paying a higher interest rate is irrelevant when compared with the risk of losing the deal.

Who handles all of the details?

We will! It’s our job to get you proper documentation and protect your interest. If you make a $100,000 loan, you send a check for $100,000 to the closing attorney and you get a Deed of Trust and Promissory Note for $100,000. Many of our projects have a new LLC specific to the project and Joint Ventures are created for the extra protection of the parties.

Is my investment really as safe as it sounds?

Yes! We always follow the commonsense guidelines above. Your money will grow two, three, or more times faster than your current investments and you maintain control. Each one of our properties that we acquire is put through a rigorous financial and development evaluation in order to determine the profitability before the property is ever presented to you or purchased. Remember that making loans is a business and should be treated like a business. We have set up a simple system and let the professionals implement the system, your loan portfolio can be hassle free and produce staggering yields.

 How do I get paid?

There is more than one way to structure payment, our most used is a lump sum payment of all principal and interest at the end of the project would be better for your accounting. Again, there are options, and we want our lenders to be happy, so we can continue to do business and forge a long-term business relationship.

Is this a long-term investment?

Generally, your investment is tied to a specific project with a timeline ranging from 6 to 12 months. We have lending programs for short term holds of 3 to 6 months for our debt service investors. We also have longer term holds of one year and longer in the form of our capital participation and profit-sharing program. You can pick a term that suits your strategy. It is your money; it is your choice.

What if I need to liquidate?

If you want to release your money from a project or participation, we require 60 days written notice, because we may need to replace your funds with another investor’s money. You really should not make mortgage loans if you feel you will liquidate this quickly, but the option is always available. Also, unlike with a bank CD, there is no penalty for early withdrawal.

What kind of documents should I, as the lender, receive?

The closing package contains these documents securing your investment

1) A copy of the Deed of Trust (the original will be recorded)

2) An original Promissory Note

3) First Lien Position

4) Lien Waivers

5) Loss Payee on Insurance

6) Project LLC, JV and Agreements between you and our company

These documents provide you with the security you need and the return which you desire.

What are my options if R.O.I Solutions 4 U, LLC does not pay?

Actually, there are several options, but first and foremost, please be aware that integrity is an essential part of our business, and we only make sound investment decisions. One of R.O.I Solutions 4 U, LLC distinguishing features is that we have NEVER been late on a payment to a private lender and in some cases the principal is paid back at the time we obtain the rehab loan and all our investor waits for is the profit. Our company has to date taken and paid back over $3 Million and growing.


However, to answer the question:

If left with no other choice, you can simply foreclose. Foreclosure is not as time-consuming and costly a process as most people thinks. It is as simple as sending your note and mortgage to an attorney and instructing him or her to foreclose. All you have to do then is sit back and wait. If this were to happen our goal is before the foreclosure is complete, we will be calling your attorney’s office with a payoff letter, and your loan will be paid. When this happens, you will collect all accrued interest, your principal balance, and all attorneys’ fees, court costs, and all other expenses you have incurred in connection with your loan.


If you decide to take over the project due to foreclosure, you do not have to keep it. It can be sold immediately at a fair sales price and still produce a profit over and above the already high yield on your loan, because as we stated above, you loaned less than it is worth. Again, we are not in business to default on loans, but if this were to happen, your money is secured by under-collateralized property.

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